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Applicant Requirements

New applicants must be at least 21 years of age and hold a private pilot license.

New Member Elections

New members are elected when a vacancy exists. Membership changes are an internal transaction, and a resigning member receives payment for their ownership share from the club after a replacement member has joined.

Membership Costs

The cost of a Ten-Hi ownership share is $3,600. A new member also pays first month dues ($215) and a one-time membership fee ($55) for a total initial payment of $3,860.

Monthly Costs

The monthly dues are $215. This entire amount is "flyable" and rolls over from month-to-month, which is perfect for members who are not able to fly each month.

More Information

To learn more about the club now please call:
Fred at 303-886-4221 or
Mike at 720-936-4608

You can always email us at info@tenhiflyers.com or leave a message at our club contact number: 720-588-3591.

Apply Today

If you would like to pursue a Ten-Hi membership, please send us your application. Our address is on the application form.