picture of club airplane outside of hangar

Great Airplanes

Our airplanes are all well-equipped, high-performance, IFR airplanes. This is a great step up from typical rental airplanes and for those wanting reliable travelling machines.

picture of airplane flying near clouds

No Overnight Minimums

No hourly minimums. Overnight and multi-day trips are encouraged. As a non-profit organization, we aren't in the business of making profits.

picture of runway from the sky

Convenient Location

Our club is based in Broomfield, Colorado at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (formerly Jeffco). We are convenient to Denver, Boulder and other front range cities.

picture of people outside a club airplane


Ownership is expensive but we spread the cost among our 45 members to make flying our incredible airplanes reasonable. Our dry rates (based on tach time) are between $66 and $95 per hour.